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New York City Nightlife

If you are searching for the best nightlife in New York City, there are many popular jazz clubs. You will find rooftop lounges that offer romantic ambience with small crowds at the 60 Soho Hotel in New York. There are also bars in Brooklyn and Manhattan that

The British Space Program

Great Britain has never been one of the big players in space exploration and space travel. Nonetheless, the British Space Program has experienced some significant successes and made a number of valuable contributions over the years. The British Interplanetary Society Britain became interested in space very early,

How To Redeem Your Frequent Flyer Miles

Frequent flyers have the option of receiving frequent flyer miles that entitle them to discounts on hotels, rental cars and airfares. Some credit card companies offer a convenient credit card that organizes airline miles and rewards. If you have accumulated many frequent flyer miles, then follow a

A Black Cab Tour Of London

A Black Cab Tour of London is a unique and interactive way of learning about London. Taxi drivers act as a tour guide giving riders interesting anecdotes, fun facts, and insider information about some of London’s most famous tourist spots. The tour is conducted from the comfortable

Working In Planetary Science

Among the occupations that have people looking for things, especially the rarest things, the search for extraterrestrial (ET) life is one of the most exotic. It’s not the sort of job one goes looking for, and if you have the required skill set to do the job,

How To Prevent Jet Lag

Travel is important for work and play, but traveling across time zones can become rather tiring and overwhelming. Considering jet lag affects millions of people worldwide, learning the best ways to prevent this tiring, sick, and dreadful problem is smart. Using these tips, you can prevent jet

How To Get Travel Medical Insurance

Whenever you travel, organizing every aspect of the trip can be exhausting and time consuming. However, when you are preparing to travel abroad, there are certain things that you need to secure before you travel. One of these things, is medical coverage. You might be thinking that

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