Direct Tire Advises you on the Benefits of Correct Air Pressure in Tires

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Direct Tire is not only your friendly tires and wheels online retailer.  It is also your adviser on the proper care of your vehicle’s tire.  One of the advices that this store provides its consumers and website visitors are the benefits of correct air pressure in tires.

Correct air pressure in tires is equally important like tuning up your vehicle’s engine.   Tires will last longer if air pressure is correct.  It also saves you on fuel, augments handling and prevents accidents.  Non-maintenance of the right air pressure can lead to low gas mileage, decrease tire life, affect handling and can cause overloading.

Regular Checking of Air Pressure

Your tires work hard and deserve equal attention as your engine, muffler, etc.  Tire pressure is misplaced every day through infiltration...

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Say Hello to the New Trektop NX “Bowless” Fastback Top

trektop nx on red jk

Bestop has just launched the new Trektop NX “bowless” fastback top that boasts of detachable windows, Sunrider sunroof features, factory style-door surrounds and headed bar.  It uses the sport bars of Wrangler that gave way to the bows and frames common in most soft tops.   The sports bars provide your Jeep support and shape giving your vehicle a “raceback” or fastback appeal for a more fashionable look.  This innovation makes it a whole lot different from the regular Supertops or factory soft tops.

The new Trektop NX “bowless” fastback top works as a Safari Bikini Top because of its detachable rear and side windows.  It includes all the essential items needed for installation:

  • fabric;
  • tinted rear and side ;
  • factory-style door surrounds; and
  • tailgate bar.

What to ...

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Dressing Up Your Wrangler TJ Unlimited

Wrangler TJ Unlimited

Jeep Wranglers have a solid history of performance and reliability. Historically speaking, the Jeep Wranglers are offspring of the World War II Willys MB and Jeep CJ. The quality and performance of this auto brand has been proven and tested over time. Today, the Jeeps are manufactured by known American automaker Chrysler using the Jeep marquee.

One of the Jeep models that have undergone extensive changes is the Jeep Wrangler. The focus of this article is the Wrangler TJ Unlimited 2004-2006 series. If you want to dress-up or improve the performance of your Wrangler TJ Unlimited, consider modifying these essential parts.

The Lift Kits

When we say lift kits, this refers to Jeep parts that enhance the suspension capabilities of your Wrangler TJ Unlimited...

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4Wheel Drive Has the Parts Jeepers Want

jeep parts

Many different types of people make up the off-road community. And since off-roaders have diverse interests in Jeep accessories, collectibles, events and the like, there is a strong, vibrant market for a wide variety of Jeep Parts. These enthusiasts are forever on the hunt for ways to improve the performance and look of their vehicles. Many of these patrons search for these parts at automotive stores such as 4Wheel Drive Hardware, the nation’s largest aftermarket Jeep parts manufacturer and distributor.

Popular Jeep Parts among off-roaders include NX Soft Tops, Hitch Packages, Winches, Bikinis, Security Deck Enclosures, Bumpers, and Multimedia Entertainment Systems. There are extensive selections of these and other parts for Jeeps at 4WDH automotive stores all over the United States.


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Jeep Wrangler Accessories Are a Wealth of Riches

jeep wrangler rubicon

The Jeep Wrangler brand offers a wealth of riches to off-road enthusiasts. Loyal customers are never lacking in choices of products to enhance the performance and look of their vehicles. This is due in large part to the Jeep Wrangler brass’ constant dedication to creating the best quality of accessories for its cliental and any potential consumers. Jeep Wrangler Accessories are available at various automotive stores throughout the world.

DIY Tube Fender

diy tube fender

This product is a do-it-yourself fender, although welding is required. The DIY Tube fender is the perfect complement to the 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler, Rubicon, and Unlimited models. It is made of bare steel with a 1-1/4” x .120 wall tube and a 1/8” steel plate. The steel plate pieces bolt to the vehicle’s grill and to the tub...

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Accessorizing with Jeep T-Shirts

jeep t shirts black

There are quite a number of very common Jeep accessories which you can use to kit your favorite Jeep model including the Jeep lift kits, the roll bars, the larger tires just to mention but a few. They are however other accessories that are never really appreciated as much as they are supposed to. These include those which may use to kit your wardrobe!  If you want to add some fashion and a great look to your off-road adventures, try out the Jeep T-shirts! These are available in every taste and style in many of the Jeep shops and even online fashion houses retailing auto-inspired tees.

Why Jeep T-Shirts?

These T-shirts are easily available and accessible. The range and style is quite incredible. You can choose from the following when shopping for some stylish Jeep t-shirts:-

  • Jeep authent...
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Trektop NX Installation on the Wrangler Unlimited

trektop wrangler

The Trektop NX replacement tops from Bestop are very much worth a look at if you are looking for some good quality and ease of installation without all the hardware that you will need for a Supertop NX installation for example. It is always referred to as bowless top as you can install it without the need for frames and bows. Instead, you can make use of your Wrangler’s factory cage to perfectly spread out the fabric. Apart from the convenience and ease of installation, the Trektop NX offers as much quality as the factory tops with durable fabrics, thick tinted windows, mildew resistance and UV –resistance to limit effects of sun-fading. So how can one go about the installation of the Trektop NX replacement tops?

Your Trektop NX will come with an installation manual with step by step ...

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Which Rugged Ridge Wheel is best for you?

rugged ridge wheels

Hmmmm….Rugged Ridge.  Where have I heard that term before?  Oh yes, it is the name of a company that makes Jeep Wrangler wheels among about 3,000 other parts and accessories for Jeeps.  Actually, Rugged Ridge is a subsidiary of Omix-Ada.  Omix-Ada has a claim to being the largest supplier of aftermarket Jeep parts and accessories in the world.  They have many subsidiaries.  Although Rugged Ridge is fairly new (having been created in 2005), they already have garnered a reputation for supplying some of the best Jeep parts and accessories in the business.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s take a quick look at one or two of the wheels they make.

Aluminum Wheel, Black Satin

This wheel is simply beautiful in black...

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Hard Tops & Soft Tops: Making the right choice

trektop nx blue jk

When purchasing a new Jeep, the first thing you want to do is is to show it off to your friends and families. But before you do that and if you want to impress them even more is to wait until you upgrade your Jeep with some new accessories.  Some of the most popular Jeep accessories include Jeep tops and lift kits. Choosing the right tops for your Jeep can be a tricky thing to do, with the array of choices in the market. But this process can be made easy by trying to identify key points and breaking down the details of what you want. The following are some key factors that go into building and buying Jeep tops:

1.)    Weather Conditions

One important thing to consider in buying Jeep tops is the weather conditions in your place...

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Choosing the Right Jeep Wheels

pro comp jeep wheelWhen choosing wheels it is important for the Jeep owner to know what type of wheel fits the hubs. It is also good for the drivers to know what size wheel they want to upgrade to. Do they want to have people salivate at the size of their Jurassic wheels, or do they want people to simply notice the Speed Racer looks of the new wheels? Whatever the choice, wheels are the surest way to separate a car from the pack for both looks and practicality.

For style over substance, large wheels have a huge degree of detail to them. These wheels are usually created to draw attention on bigger SUVs, Jeeps and trucks, but many small cars can also operate with larger wheels. These wheels are usually created to draw attention on bigger SUVs and trucks, but many small cars can also operate with larger wheels...

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